5月份的科技大事是Google在5月10日舉行年度I/OO開發者大會,「Google O/I」並宣布「搜尋引擎結合AI」,引起一陣熱議。當公司要舉辦產品說明會時,該如何撰寫產品發布會的邀請函呢?本次從TOEIC測驗商業情境介紹相關用語。

Subject: Be Part of the Future: Exclusive AI Product Launch Invitation


Dear Innovator,


You're invited to join us on February 29th at 2:00 PM EST for the grand reveal of our groundbreaking AI Generative Software. Experience firsthand how this transformative technology is set to revolutionize content creation.


Dive into live demonstrations, engage with our experts, and explore the possibilities this tool opens for your workflow. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to step into the future of automated content generation.


To secure your virtual seat, please RSVP by February 22nd.


We look forward to welcoming you at this pivotal event.




John Doe

Chief Innovation Officer, YourCompany

Contact: johndoe@yourcompany.com | (123) 456-7890


product launch產品發佈


Our marketing team is preparing an aggressive campaign for the product launch next month.

The successful product launch led to a significant increase in the company's market share.


grand reveal重大揭露


We're excited for the grand reveal of our latest line of eco-friendly products.

The artist has been working tirelessly on a new collection for the grand reveal at the gallery next month.



Our research team has made a groundbreaking discovery that could potentially cure the disease.

This groundbreaking legislation will fundamentally change the way we approach renewable energy.

transformative technology變革性的技術

transform是從改變的字根「trans- 」加上型態form構成,transformative則是「(帶來)變革性」的意思。

The introduction of transformative technology, such as blockchain, has the potential to reshape industries.

Our company is committed to developing transformative technology that can make a significant impact on people's lives.


中文的first hand「第一手」資訊的概念就是出自於此,表示親身經歷的意思。

During our company visit, we had the opportunity to see the manufacturing process firsthand.

The CEO likes to get firsthand feedback from customers to better understand their needs and experiences.



The new software presents the potential to revolutionize the way we handle data management.

This novel manufacturing process has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

dive into深入探討


We'll dive into the details of the project in our meeting tomorrow.

I can't wait to dive into this new book over the weekend.



We aim to engage our audience through interactive content and meaningful discussions.

It's important to engage employees in the decision-making process to foster a sense of ownership and commitment.



We have an exclusive interview with the CEO discussing the company's plans for the next fiscal year.



Given the current circumstances, we have decided to host a virtual meeting instead of an in-person one.

Our team has been working remotely and maintaining productivity through virtual collaboration tools.


1. Cryptocurrencies, a _______ technology, are changing the way we think about finance.
(A) transformative
(B) transforming
(C) transformed
(D) transformation

2. The manager likes to get _______ feedback from the team to ensure everyone is on the same page.
(A) handover
(B) hands-on
(C) hand-in-hand
(D) firsthand

3. The merger was a _______ event in the company's history as it led to significant growth and expansion.
(A) pivotal
(B) pitted
(C) pivoting
(D) pitiful


1. 正解為(A)。句意為「加密貨幣是變革性的技術,正在改變我們對於金融的想像。」空格要用形容詞形容名詞,因此要選擇有形容詞字根「-tive」的選項,故故(A)為正確答案。(C)的過去分詞雖然也可作為形容詞使用,但是語意不合,意思是「已轉換的技術」。

2. 正解為(D)。句意為「該經理喜歡從團隊中獲得第一手的回饋來確保大家的認知一致。」(A)遞交,(B)實作,(C)攜手,(D)第一手、親自。依據題意,只有(D)符合語意,故為正解。

3. 正解為(A)。句意為「該併購是該司歷史上的關鍵事件,創造了後續的顯著成長與擴張。」空格後方的event為名詞,前方需用形容詞,pivoting雖然也是分詞,但表示進行中,與歷史語意明顯不合。故(A)為正解。


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