多益季刊 Newsletter 17(2009年5月)



研發托福測驗 (TOEFL, Test of English as a Foreign Language) 與多益測驗 (TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication) 的美國教育測驗服務社 (ETS, Educational Testing Service) 與Nokia攜手合作,為中國的Nokia手機用戶量身打造英語學習課程,今天正式推出。




課程內容有TOEFL練習題、TOEIC練習題、功能性學習 (包括商用英語、生存英語及學術英語) 以及美式英語發音。無論使用者想要出國留學,或在職場上有更好的發展,這些課程都能符合他們的需求。




Nokia Mobiledu.cn的行銷經理Angela Long表示:「Nokia Mobiledu寓學習於生活,讓大家隨時隨地都能學習,帶給使用者完美無缺的英語學習經驗。我相信Mobiledu能幫英語學習者實現他們的夢想。」






「使客戶得益是我們的共同目標。」ETS 副總裁Charles Cascio表示:「Nokia是全球行動網路的推動者,而ETS 是世界領導級的英語學習產品及服務提供者。這項合作將能讓使用者善加利用行動通訊及網路整合的優勢,隨時隨地享有豐富且個人化的英語學習體驗。」


ETS and Nokia to Create New Ways of Learning English

PRINCETON, NJ -- (Marketwire) -- 12/16/08 -- Educational Testing Service (ETS), makers of the TOEFLR (Test of English as a Foreign Language(TM)) and TOEICR (Test of English for International Communication(TM)) tests, joined with Nokia today to launch English learning courses specially designed for Nokia phone users in China. Designed by ETS teaching and testing experts, the courses are comprehensive, useful and easy-to-learn. They contain English tests, business English and survival English packages. Nokia phone users can download the courses through Nokia's Mobiledu to enjoy an enriched English learning experience.


The courses available include TOEFL-type practice questions, TOEIC-type practice questions, functional learning (including business English, survival English and academic English) and American English phonology. Whether users intend to study abroad or get better career development, the courses will meet their requirements. Mobiledu offers users the opportunity to learn English inexpensively, on their own time and even on the move. Users who study ETS content through Mobiledu can obtain scientific and systematic learning materials and methods, which are more convenient, effective, targeted and comprehensive than those users might search for on the Internet.


"Nokia Mobiledu brings users a truly seamless English learning experience by integrating learning with life; learning English on the go, anywhere and anytime. I believe Mobiledu will help English learners realize their dreams," said Angela Long, Nokia Sales and Marketing Manager of Mobiledu.cn. "Mobiledu is Nokia's new mobile Internet service, as well as the first interactive online mobile learning platform in the industry. It is committed to collaborating with China and globally renowned publishers and others in the education sector to introduce good educational products and services to users in an easy and innovative way, making it possible to learn on the go interactively."


"ETS is a world-recognized educational research and assessment organization. This collaboration between Nokia and ETS is based on the common goal we share. We are both committed to integrating learning into our daily life more innovatively. The collaboration is mutually successful and we will continue exploring innovative communication methods for China's ever-increasing English learners," Long added. "Bringing benefits to consumers is our shared objective," said ETS Vice President Charles Cascio. "Nokia is a promoter of the global mobile Internet, while ETS is a world-leading provider of English-language learning products and services. The collaboration will enable users to take advantage of mobile communication and Internet integration to enjoy a rich and personalized English learning experience anywhere and anytime."


About ETS

At nonprofit ETS, we advance quality and equity in education for people worldwide by creating assessments based on rigorous research. ETS serves individuals, educational institutions and government agencies by providing customized solutions for teacher certification, English-language learning, and elementary, secondary and post-secondary education, as well as conducting education research, analysis and policy studies. Founded in 1947, ETS develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests annually -- including the TOEFLR and TOEICR tests, the GRER test and The Praxis Series(TM) assessments -- in more than 180 countries, at over 9,000 locations worldwide. www.ets.org


About Nokia

Nokia is the world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. We make a wide range of mobile devices with services and software that enable people to experience music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games, business mobility and more. Developing and growing our offering of consumer Internet services, as well as our enterprise solutions and software, is a key area of focus for Nokia. We also provide equipment, solutions and services for communications networks through Nokia Siemens Networks. As Nokia's largest single market, China is playing an increasingly important role in Nokia's R&D and production. In China, Nokia is committed to enhancing the communication experience of local users and helping them create new ways of sharing. Starting from youth education & development and environmental protection, Nokia initiates and proactively takes part in various sustainable, long-term public welfare programs in an effort to become one of China's best corporate citizens.


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